The Fairfield, Iowa, Santa Project

The city of Fairfield, Iowa commissioned me to carve this five-foot-tall Santa for display in the town square for Christmas 2000. This is also my home town, so I was honored to carve the piece from an ash tree, which had to be cut down from one of the city parks. I thought you would like to see the progress.

All the best, John

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At age twelve, I was given a hatchet for camp. To see how it worked, I went down the basement and put chop marks in everything wooden I could find, doors, beams..... A career was born!
I draw a picture of what I want and then put guidelines on the log. When the guidelines are carved off, I hope for the best!
My joy increases with each stage of the sculpture.
I focus on getting the posture correct and then the features, face, hands, etc., fall into place naturally. After all, the eye is just a ball, it's the shape of the head which gives it character.
The mouse on the staff and the bird on the shoulder add heart to a piece that, for me, sings of love.

A sculpture complete!
Great satisfaction.
In 2001, Mrs. Claus joined Santa In the Fairfield Square. Pictured are the Clauses and the Schirmers, Ann, Maria and John.

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