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I have carved wood professionally for 35 years, having begun my career in Northern Michigan creating hand-carved wooden signs for villages, businesses and private residences. At that time, I also carved for the furniture industry. I then started carving sculpture that ended up in five foreign countries, as well as all over the United States. In 1988, I designed a line of ceramic jewelry that sold in galleries and fine stores, including Disneyland. The ceramic line was expanded to include limited edition sculpture.

John Shirmer carving woodcut


I have now returned to wood by creating a series of woodcuts, also know as woodblock prints, which incorporates my love of carving, design and painting. The design is transferred to a block of wood which I then carve. When the carving is completed, I pull the print through my press and color each print by hand.The woodcut is complete.


I try to create work that includes harmony, balance and rhythm to result in a woodcut print that "sings". I love to express the beauty, fun and irony of life so that the world is a little more beautiful, funny and ironic.

Wishing you all the best, John       

John Shirmer painting woodcut
Woodcut - I Feel Free
I Feel Free
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